The Otways

Our brewery is located in the pristine natural environment of the Otways in south western Victoria, where we’re blessed with the purest of rainwater. The Otways inspire us to produce beer in an environmentally responsible way, so we’ve implemented a number of green initiatives at the brewery to lessen our footprint.

We harvest rainwater for use at the brewery and produce solar electricity to supplement the use of grid electricity. We also donate our spent grain to local farmers who use it as animal fodder. 

The Otways is a beautiful place to visit at any time of year, and there is always something to see and do in our neck of the woods.  If you visit our brewery, you might also like to visit some of the following places:

 Great Ocean Road Brewhouse in Apollo Bay

 Cape Otway Lightstation

 Forrest and Lake Elizabeth

 Otway Harvest Trail

 Otway Fly

 Great Ocean Walk